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Dr. Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin Saheb (T.U.S.)
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Miqaat / Urs Mubarak

In 1933 AD/1352 Hijri on 27th Rajab, Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ), the revered 51st Dai-al-Mutlaq raised him to the second highest pedestal in the Dawat and said of Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) while declaring Him as his successor :"Although I was preoccupied with meeting the challenges of opponents, yet I ensured that, this son was made "like unto me". Now by Allahs grace and the Imams inspiration, I have handed over a great trust to him, as in the firmament of the Dawat there is none other that can discharge the obligations of that office. I have raised this son, full of ilm and barakaat, to the height of the Dawat on this Meraj Day.On the night of Meraj the Holy Prophet was raised by Allah. So, on this occasion I have raised my son and made him shine like a bright light in the period of satr. I also bestow on him the office of Mazoon. I publicly announce that he will be my successor. For, he is like me, and after me he will bear the burden of the Dawat for the benefit of the faithful

I greatly rejoice this day, and such, I have never experienced before. For, my gift which I had to offer, has reached its destination. Not only I, but the spirits of all Doat Mutlaqeen rejoice today, Panjatan rejoice because they know that the protector of their Dawat is now ready."With the appointment came words of advice to the son. Syedna Taher Saifuddin(AQ) said to Syedna Mohd. Burhanuddin : "I direct you to fear Allah; move in the straight path. Be devoted to the Imam of the time. Serve him even at the cost of your life and look after the Dawat of Imam. May your affection for him be sincere. Raise the standard of the Dawat high and uphold it everywhere.

O, young man, receive hasanat. Awake those who are asleep. Protect Dawat, as the lion protects its offspring. Defeat the opponents of the Dawat. Appear before the faithful with ikram. Shower blessings on them like a mother. In the midst of antagonists, display the composure of a King. Whatever you do must be accompanied by faith in Allah and in His chosen representative. May Allah shower on you the grace of Imam and protect and guide you. May He guide you, inspire you and direct you. May you be clothed in piety. May Vali ul-Allahs faiz be your sustenance.In the great responsibility that you have been given may He strengthen your heart and be your protector. In my lifetime, you shall be Mazoon. After me, you shall be my successor, the Dai .These words, which Syedna Mohammed Burhanuddin(TUS) cherishes dearly, have become his personal lodestar. Attributing all his work to the inspiration he receives from Imamuz-zaman and the strength of his fathers guidance and upbringing, Syedna (TUS)s bond with his own, has surpassed all expectations .